Patrimonia Amsterdam – English gift wrapped

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You move with your boat through the canals and collect all you need to restore the most important monuments in the city. Building materials, foundation poles and permits. Other elements like the Luck or Lose cards, professions and canal blockers can change the game at any moment. Will you own the Westertower or will you end up stuck on Amstel river?

  • Plays 2 to 6 people
  • From 6 to 106 years old
  • Two games on one board
  • As sustainable as possible


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Do you want to give Patrimonia Amsterdam as a present? We will deliver the game complete & gift wrapped

Are you mad about Amsterdam? Or do you just enjoy a good board game? Then Patrimonia is the game for you. Throughout the game you will learn things about this lovely city and its beautiful buildings.

Patrimonia is a game for all walks of life. As in the real Amsterdam trading is allowed at any time, and with anyone whilst one minute later you may be blocking your opponents with canal blockers. The pawns are made from plastic waste fished out of the Amsterdam Canals. Production and packaging are done locally. Our printer is the most sustainable in the world.